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Construction sites are often filled with debris and dust. Cement and other construction materials are routed daily to complete the project. People and equipment regularly cause heavy traffic indoors as work gets done. As such, it is not surprising that a construction site is littered and littered with all kinds of rubble at the end of a project.

If you need a little cleaning, there is a name you can always count on – Rafia Cleaning Service.

The best choice in Quebec for post-construction cleaning services

Make sure your project complies with local government standards with the expertise of Quebec Rafia Service cleaners. Building on years of experience in building maintenance, we will work to achieve intensive cleaning for any location. Whether you need building cleaning services or regular rubble removal for an ongoing project, we’re here to help.

We have the equipment and manpower to take any order. Whether you work in a luxury hotel or an affordable apartment for young professionals, we are perfect for the job.

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Intensive cleaning after construction for complete global cleaning

As part of the clean-up process, we will transport all construction or demolition waste to designated disposal sites in accordance with government regulations. To keep the waste manageable, we will also take the necessary steps to quarantine the debris in one place for transportation


Take the time to contact Service Rafia today and we will give you a quote for our professional cleaning services in Montreal Laval Longueuil and Quebec. Our team of professionals is ready to help you with the cleaning of your post so that you can return your property to your home or office.

Offer valid until March 30, 2021, take advantage of post-construction cleaning discounts ranging from 10% to 15% on your service. Hurry, contact us at 1-800-759-6506 for a free quote.