Commercial cleaning service and offices

Commercial cleaning services and offices in Montreal Laval Longueuil

Offices are a workspace where people have specific roles and responsibilities. The work environment should be clean and attractive to work in its own right. That’s why Service Rafia offers unique corporate cleaning services thanks to well-trained and highly motivated staff.

We provide tailored cleaning and support services to various offices and commercial properties throughout the Montreal Laval Longueuil area and surrounding areas. Our services are tailored to the needs of each client. Our cleaners are well chosen and placed on the site according to the specifications of the site and are carefully selected. We offer an expert cleaning solution for businesses of all sizes.

The main objective of Rafia Service is to develop a lasting relationship with our customers, based on a common commitment to continually improve all aspects of the services. You are insured, regular, trained, controlled, experienced and clean, professional cleaners on your site.

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Services de nettoyage de bureaux professionnels fiables à des prix abordables

office cleaning service 

One of the biggest challenges of managing an office is keeping it clean and neat. A well organized and tidy office space creates a lasting impression in the customers’ minds. Studies have shown that a well-organized and well-maintained office can increase productivity and efficiency and can even boost employee morale.

At Service Rafia, we provide the following professional office cleaning services at an affordable price

  • Office Cleaning: In addition to regular cleaning of office floors, we clean windows, doors and other furniture in the room.
  • Toilet Cleaning: We thoroughly clean all toilets with disinfectants. Remove the dirt between the wall and floor tiles and we also perform a deep cleaning of the sink of the bathroom.
  • Carpet Cleaning: In the case of a carpeted office, we take care to vacuum the floor and dust the carpet. Once done, the hot water extraction process is undertaken to remove the dirt completely and to make the carpet fresh and clean.
  • Sofas cleaning: pass the primer to remove dust and dirt from the sofa. Remove stains with a cleaning agent, if necessary, we clean with a hot water extraction machine to clean the sofa and dry it quickly.
  • Cleaning the curtains: If you feel that the office cleaning is incomplete without cleaning the curtain and the blinds, we also carry out a thorough cleaning. We provide dry and wet cleaning of the curtain according to customer’s requirement.

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Work plan of a commercial cleaning visit

Our work plan is adapted to your specifications and reviewed periodically to maintain a high standard in the tasks performed:

Accomplished tasks :

Here is a list of the tasks we perform during a regular commercial housekeeping visit:

  • Clean the exterior of major appliances and small appliances on counters and other accessories that are dishwasher-safe (toaster, coffee maker, etc.);
  • Cleaning the sink, kitchen countertops.
  • Cleaning (int / ext) microwaves, and stains on cabinet doors.
  • Polishing the faucet.
  • Wash basin, vanity, bowl and floor.
  • Clean finger marks on: walls, doors, door frames, cabinet panels, furniture, etc.
  • Clean glass doors (int / ext) of furniture, mirrors, vents, ashtrays, garbage cans, TV and computer screens.
  • Disinfection of telephone handsets
  • Cleaning the accessories.
  • Disinfection of the door handles
  • Dust furniture and clean the top of desks and worktables.
  • Dusting all devices such as staplers, calculators, picture frames and other office equipment using a dust repellent
  • Dusting frames, lamps, heaters and window bases.
  • Vacuum cleaner on carpets, rugs
  • Cleaning the office chairs.
  • Empty the trash
  • Mop and wash the floors
  • Cleaning of stains and finger marks on doors, framing and switches.

Maintenance products and accessories are provided by Entretien Service rafia