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Rafia Service Inc. and a high quality cleaning company in Montreal known for providing good quality housekeeping services in Montreal and professional office cleaning services in Montreal. Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a commercial organization, we have all the commercial cleaning service solutions in Montreal for you. We are a major commercial cleaning company in Quebec. Our commercial cleaning service in Montreal has received more exposure in recent years. Our team of professionally trained technicians, specialize in providing high-end Montreal cleaning service for office cleaning, cleaning buildings, cleaning shops, cleaning schools, cleaning hospitals, cleaning shopping malls, cleaning up hotels and more.

Make your office a real workplace. Give it that extra sparkle by hiring the best business management services in the industry here.

As the best cleaning services company in Montreal, we offer a wide range of services to our clients.
When looking for a reliable Montreal Longueuil cleaning service for your workplace, be sure to call Service Rafia.
With our own operations, security, quality assurance and business support departments, our Laval office is able to provide unique services to our business. We are able to provide an experienced and friendly service to assist and advise your organization in determining your specific cleaning needs.

The importance of commercial cleanliness

Your cleanliness is essential to the success of your business. Customers will not be doing business with a company that looks dirty and filthy as these are signs of a questionable business. Since you are busy focusing on your business, you might not have the time to keep the space clean. One solution is commercial cleaning services and office cleaning

Commercial cleaning service in Montreal & industrial cleaning:

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Welcome to Service rafia Household company Montréal Laval Longueuil and the North Shore South Shore, where we discover your detailed needs, design a cleaning service in Montreal that brings them together, and work tirelessly to perfect-including spot checks of surprise. It’s simple. You need a Montreal commercial housekeeping service or office cleaning service or industrial cleaning that meets your needs, your schedule and your space our professional teams would be reliable and consistent and produce a healthy environment, happy employees and impressed customers. Rafia Service offers a wide range of warehouse cleaning, cleaning schools, hospital cleaning, store cleaning, residential cleaning & industrial cleaning, this can be from a small office to large factory units. Our all employees are well trained for the work they undertake if it is polishing floors, using auto washers or general cleaning in the office.

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Industrial cleaning and office cleaning service in Montreal

The complete office cleaning specification in Montreal

A complete office cleaning specification in Montreal and work schedule are designed and have agreed to meet your needs, they will include all areas of your office.
All offices the size of a single-storey single room, they will all receive the same high care and cleaning. We work hard to make the place spotless and to keep it flawless.
With continuous monitoring, audits and specification adjustment (if necessary) we guarantee that you will be nothing but happy with the service you receive from Cleaning Company Rafia Service in Montreal

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