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We occupy a prestigious place in the cleaning industry with regard to office cleaning services. By introducing new and improved cleaning methods, we strive to maintain a clean and orderly atmosphere in your workplace and protect your staff from the dust particles and various diseases prevalent in congested spaces. Our goal is to maintain a hygienic environment and support the green atmosphere through carefully designed office cleaning services aimed at maintaining the level of health and fitness of all people working under one roof. You can trust us for all your office-related cleaning operations and maintain an elite work environment in your organization at very affordable rates.

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Our work plan is adapted to your specifications and reviewed periodically to maintain a high standard in the tasks performed:

Accomplished tasks :

Here is a list of the tasks we perform during a regular office cleaning visit:

Clean the exterior of major appliances and small appliances on counters and other accessories that are dishwasher-safe (toaster, coffee maker, etc.);
Cleaning the sink, kitchen countertops.
Cleaning (int / ext) microwaves, and stains on cabinet doors.
Polishing of faucets.
Wash basin, vanity, bowl and floor.
Clean finger marks on: walls, doors, door frames, cabinet panels, furniture,
Clean glass doors (int / ext) of furniture, mirrors, vents, ashtrays, garbage cans, TV and computer screens.
Disinfection of telephone handsets
Cleaning the accessories.
Disinfection of the door handles
Dust the furniture and clean the top of the desks and worktables.
Dusting all devices such as staplers, calculators, picture frames and other office equipment using a dust repellent.
Dusting frames, lamps, heaters and window bases.
Vacuum cleaner on carpets, rugs
Cleaning the office chairs.
Empty the trash
Mop and wash the floors
Cleaning of stains and finger marks on doors, framing and switches
Maintenance products and accessories are provided by Entretien Service rafia.

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