Residential, Commercial and Industrial Cleaning in Lasalle Montreal

Residential and Commercial Cleaning in Lasalle Montreal.

At Service Rafia, we offer a top-notch cleaning service for offices and commercial spaces in Montreal’s auditorium sector that meets the requirements of professionals. We understand that the workplace is often the first impression your customers make of your business and our experienced team can be programmed for you, so that your workspace is always flawless. For our regular cleaning customers, we appoint a team who is familiar with your environment and the services expected from us.

5 reasons why we are above our competitors:

We offer exceptional service that is both cost effective and efficient.
We are professional, reliable and easy to deal with.
Our experience leaves you with a clean working environment.
Our team is dedicated and trained to the highest standards of the industry.
Many companies trust our practical approach and flexibility even in the short term.

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Residential and Commercial Cleaning in Lasalle Montreal