Welcome to the Service Rafia Professional Residential Window Washing

Welcome to the Service Rafia Professional Residential Window Washing

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Dirty windows? Enjoy your view There is nothing like beautiful clean windows. Let the sun in! Anytime is the perfect time to enjoy the view from your home to the outside world. There is nothing like clean windows. While we clean your glass for broken thermals (or seals), and other signs of wear. Windows that are not preserved can remain dirty indefinitely. Glass is porous – dirt and grime can burn it permanently. Window cleaning is the only simple maintenance element that will enhance the appearance of your property and increase its value. We can clean windows safely all year round.

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Experts in commercial window cleaning and glass cleaning of buildings in Montreal Laval Longueuil.

The window of your building is the image you present to the outside world. Let the Rafia Window Cleaning Service improve the image with the brilliance of professionally cleaned windows. It takes years to master an art, and for us, window cleaning is an art that we master. Our experience and high quality services have been provided by our customers. We are committed to the highest standards possible, not only in the quality of our work, but also in the customer service we provide.

To learn more about our unique window cleaning service, office windows can make you grubby due to outdoor pollution, but you can trust Service Rafia to make sure your commercial windows are as bright as your staff. at Rafia Window Cleaning Services, we specialize in window cleaning in offices, stores, banks, clinics, showrooms and cleaning. We use the most cost-effective and safest combination of methods for your site and work in progress. For the first time in the world, we use the latest technology, which is one of the most important techniques for maneuverability, time saving and economy. Our pole cleaning system can effectively clean the windows of buildings up to 5 storeys high when the operator is working from the ground up.

The use of 100% pure polyethylene is one of the most important ingredients in the world. super clean finish. There is no impurity, the area stays clean, giving your building a super bright and dazzling appearance!

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