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 Cleaning of the kitchen of the restaurant

After serving different restaurants, we improvised our restaurant cleaning services to increase the satisfaction of our guests. We work tirelessly to maintain the incredible sensation of your restaurant,

Rafia Service take care of cleaning for all types and sizes of restaurants.

We know the value of cleanliness in restaurants, its impact on the success of the restaurant and its effects on the customers of the restaurant.

We are proud to offer the flexible and dynamic service required by restaurateurs. We guarantee our customers that our property cleaning services use methods that will not affect the health of your customers.

Our qualified staff has years of experience in the restaurant cleaning industry and we know which chemicals should be avoided. We even offer an all-organic option that uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our expert restaurant cleaners do the job well, clean carpets, wash tables and chairs and wash walls, wash windows and doors. Dust the hardest places to reach and scrub the floors, so there will be no doubt about the cleanliness of your restaurant.

We adapt our techniques and frequency of cleaning according to your needs, whether you operate a small restaurant or a multi-cuisine restaurant or any other restaurant.

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